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# Tuesday, 03 March 2009
Working with a Microsoft CA, you often need to query the CA's database.
To determine the schema of the database you can use certutil to view it:

certutil -schema

this will list the columns, their types, their length and if they are indexed.

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC>certutil -schema
Column Name Localized Name Type MaxLength
---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------ ---------
Request.RequestID Request ID Long 4 -- Indexed
Request.RawRequest Binary Request Binary 65536
Request.RawArchivedKey Archived Key Binary 65536
Request.KeyRecoveryHashes Key Recovery Agent Hashes String 8192
Request.RawOldCertificate Old Certificate Binary 16384
Request.RequestAttributes Request Attributes String 32768
Request.RequestType Request Type Long 4
Request.RequestFlags Request Flags Long 4
Request.StatusCode Request Status Code Long 4
Request.Disposition Request Disposition Long 4 -- Indexed
Request.DispositionMessage Request Disposition Message String 8192
Request.SubmittedWhen Request Submission Date Date 8
Request.ResolvedWhen Request Resolution Date Date 8 -- Indexed
Request.RevokedWhen Revocation Date Date 8
Request.RevokedEffectiveWhen Effective Revocation Date Date 8 -- Indexed
Request.RevokedReason Revocation Reason Long 4
Request.RequesterName Requester Name String 2048 -- Indexed
Request.CallerName Caller Name String 2048 -- Indexed
Request.SignerPolicies Signer Policies String 8192
Request.SignerApplicationPolicies Signer Application Policies String 8192
Request.Officer Officer Long 4
Request.DistinguishedName Request Distinguished Name String 8192
Request.RawName Request Binary Name Binary 4096
Request.Country Request Country/Region String 8192
Request.Organization Request Organization String 8192
Request.OrgUnit Request Organization Unit String 8192
Request.CommonName Request Common Name String 8192
Request.Locality Request City String 8192
Request.State Request State String 8192
Request.Title Request Title String 8192
Request.GivenName Request First Name String 8192
Request.Initials Request Initials String 8192
Request.SurName Request Last Name String 8192
Request.DomainComponent Request Domain Component String 8192
Request.EMail Request Email Address String 8192
Request.StreetAddress Request Street Address String 8192
Request.UnstructuredName Request Unstructured Name String 8192
Request.UnstructuredAddress Request Unstructured Address String 8192
Request.DeviceSerialNumber Request Device Serial Number String 8192
RequestID Issued Request ID Long 4 -- Indexed
RawCertificate Binary Certificate Binary 16384
CertificateHash Certificate Hash String 128 -- Indexed
CertificateTemplate Certificate Template String 254 -- Indexed
EnrollmentFlags Template Enrollment Flags Long 4
GeneralFlags Template General Flags Long 4
SerialNumber Serial Number String 128 -- Indexed
IssuerNameID Issuer Name ID Long 4
NotBefore Certificate Effective Date Date 8
NotAfter Certificate Expiration Date Date 8 -- Indexed
SubjectKeyIdentifier Issued Subject Key Identifier String 128
RawPublicKey Binary Public Key Binary 4096
PublicKeyLength Public Key Length Long 4
PublicKeyAlgorithm Public Key Algorithm String 254
RawPublicKeyAlgorithmParameters Public Key Algorithm Parameters Binary 4096
UPN User Principal Name String 2048 -- Indexed
DistinguishedName Issued Distinguished Name String 8192
RawName Issued Binary Name Binary 4096
Country Issued Country/Region String 8192
Organization Issued Organization String 8192
OrgUnit Issued Organization Unit String 8192
CommonName Issued Common Name String 8192 -- Indexed
Locality Issued City String 8192
State Issued State String 8192
Title Issued Title String 8192
GivenName Issued First Name String 8192
Initials Issued Initials String 8192
SurName Issued Last Name String 8192
DomainComponent Issued Domain Component String 8192
EMail Issued Email Address String 8192
StreetAddress Issued Street Address String 8192
UnstructuredName Issued Unstructured Name String 8192
UnstructuredAddress Issued Unstructured Address String 8192
DeviceSerialNumber Issued Device Serial Number String 8192

CertUtil: -schema command completed successfully.
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC>

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